Nothing Last Forever

In the ebb and flow of existence’s tapestry,
Every element has its destined time and season.
Just as birth dances hand in hand with death,
Night surrenders to the gentle embrace of dawn.
At the end of every daunting tunnel, a flicker of light,
Yet, concealed within that light, shadows quietly reside.

Patiently lurking, biding its time in the shadows,
Awaiting the arrival of its own designated season.
A season to engulf all in an abyss of darkness,
Unless challenged with unwavering resolve.
As death stealthily encircles the living,
Life, in turn, lingers around the departed.

Light illuminates the depths of every darkness,
While darkness looms, camouflaged by the light.
Creation emerges, destruction follows suit.
A journey, whether lengthy or fleeting,
Ultimately finds solace in its final destination.

A lush maize plantation with rows of green stalks reaching towards the sky, bathed in the golden sunlight of a vibrant day.

Even rest itself proves transient,
Just as life and its ever-shifting circumstances.
All that we encounter are mere stages and phases.
For nothing in this transient existence
Endures eternally, as time ceaselessly marches on.